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Actor - Director - Educator

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Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Pedagogy                                              Virginia Commonwealth University- Richmond, VA
                                                                                                        Acting & Directing Emphases (Irene Ryan Nominee –2004) Bachelor of Arts in Theatre                                                        Rutgers State University of New Jersey- New Brunswick, NJ
Texas Educator Certificate                                      Emphasis in Learner Centered Teaching (Theatre Arts Grades EC – 12)


  • Fifteen years as Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Ensemble Theatre Company, a professional theatre company in Newark, NJ.
  • Professional Actor since 1982 working in theatre, television and film, and Director.
  • Five years teaching full-time at the higher education level, and four years of adjunct experience.
  • One year teaching full-time at the secondary education level.


Acting (NYC)
The Acting Studio with Sande Shurin
Voice-Overs (NYC)
Voices Unlimited with Dan Duckworth
On-Camera Acting (Richmond, VA)
Liz Marks
On-Camera Audition Techniques (NYC)
TVI Actors Studio

Improvisation Techniques (Austin, TX) 
Yes, And! 


     Adjunct Faculty - Introduction to Theatre
     Theatre Arts Director, Stroman Middle School
    Acting – BFA
    Acting – Non-Majors
    Theatre of the African Diaspora (Graduate/Undergraduate)
    Political Theatre (Graduate/Undergraduate)
    Introduction to Theatre
    Black Theatre - Liberal Arts elective offering
    Undergraduate Acting - BFA freshman class
    Speech - Liberal Arts elective offering


    South Eastern Theatre Conference
        From the Page to the Stage:  Adapting Written Work from Another Medium, 2005
        Theatre for Social Change, 2007
        Performance:  Excerpt from Performing Richard Wright, 2008
        Theatre for Social Change, 2008
        Theatre for Social Change, 2010
    Black Theatre Network
        Presentation of Paper "Charles Gilpin and Me, Charles Gilpin and You:  Custodians of
        our Cultural Heritage", 2007
    Purdue University Black Cultural Center (Memphis, TN)
       The Blues and Black Theatre Workshop, 2007
    Tennessee State Thespian Conference
       Playing Strong Objectives, 2008
       Acting in Action, 2009    
    Richard Wright Centennial Conference, American University of Paris, France
        Performance:  Excerpt from Performing Richard Wright, 2008


    Departmental Committees:
        Student Advising (Graduate/Undergraduate)
        Faculty Search Committee
        Season Selection Committee
        Internships and Placement Committee
        Library Departmental Liason
        Scholarship Committee
    College Committee:
        Graduate Council Committee
    University Committee:
        Freshman Convocation Committee
    Tennessee Arts Commission: 
       The Arts Access Panel Review
    Black History Month Celebration:
        Key organizer representing the University of Memphis Department of Theatre and
        Dance for the Tennessee Department of Corrections
    City of Memphis August Wilson Celebration:
        Key organizer representing the University of Memphis in association with Rhodes
        College and the Hattiloo Theatre Company featuring Charles S. Dutton
    University of Memphis Richard Wright Centennial Celebration:
        Developer and key organizer featuring a keynote address by Julia Wright and a panel discussion
        led by Dr. Joyce Ann Joyce and Tyler Stovall, culminating with the national premiere of my solo
        performance piece “Performing Richard Wright”
    Women’s History Month Celebration:
        Key organizer representing the University of Memphis Department of Theatre and Dance

    Actors’ Equity Association (AEA)
    Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Eligible


2008  Ostrander Award, Leading Actor in a Drama for Animal Farm, Memphis Magazine
2007  New Faculty Research Initiative Grant, University of Memphis
2005 Graduate Theatre Assistantship, Virginia Commonwealth University
2004 Commonwealth Art Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University
2004 Black History in the Making Award, Virginia Commonwealth University
2003 Commonwealth Art Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University
1993 City of Newark, NJ Resolution for artistic excellence and community commitment
1991 City of Newark, NJ Resolution for artistic excellence and community commitment


Acting I
This class provides the first-year performance major with some of the basic fundamentals of the craft of acting.  The course focuses primarily on steering the beginning actor away from superficial performance and toward honest, grounded acting.  To this end, the class re-acquaints the actor with him/herself. If we can agree that good acting comes from a personal place and that no two actors would perform the same role in the same way, we can agree that it is the actor’s unique individuality that is his/her greatest gift.  Furthermore, the class explores character development through the exploration of dramatic action in improvisation, monologues, and scene work.  The Acting I student will also learn a vocabulary of acting terms including beats, objectives, obstacles, etc. As a foundation, the student will study the fundamentals of Stanislavski’s approach to acting.  Plays examined will be realistic, and classic in nature.

Acting II
This course begins by continuing usage of the vocabulary of acting terms including beats, objectives, obstacles, etc while working out of the Stanislavski model of an approach to acting in an effort to attain a firmer foundation upon which to build. The course also continues character development through the exploration of dramatic action, adding physical and vocal awareness, in improvisation, monologues, and scene work. Additionally, the course introduces the student to the system of analyzing a text for performance, and the Acting II student learns to listen and respond impulsively to the other from moment to moment while creating specific relationships.  Plays examined will be realistic, and contemporary in nature.

Acting III
This course affords the student the opportunity to explore alternative approaches.  It is through the application of Stanislavski’s technique and the explorations of these other approaches to acting that the student will begin to learn how to formulate and develop a personal system of acting that they may call upon during any number of performance situations.  This course will look at acting as more of an ensemble performative experience.  Plays examined will be alternatives to realism, and stylistic in nature.  

Acting for Film / TV

This course delves into the art and craft of performance before a camera in the mediums of motion pictures and television. The student begins work with narrative film and TV materials that require artistic and technical involvement peculiar to film and electronic entertainment media.  Upon course completion, a student will be able to: Identify and demonstrate physical and vocal requirements for on-camera acting, compare and contrast on-camera acting skills with stage acting skills, apply advanced character analysis and subtext development approaches, analyze and evaluate on-camera acting in writing and in-class discussion, improvise in rehearsal and on-camera contexts, and create believable scripted on-camera performances

Improvisation at its core is a method which teaches you to be present, listen, co-create, not to always have to know, see the power of agreement, discover an inner and authentic confidence, and trust yourself, your instincts, and your teammates. The objectives of this course are to discover the fundamentals of improvisation, improve your storytelling skills, learn techniques to think quickly on your feet and to learn the essentials of good scenic improvisation.

Acting for Non-Majors
The purpose of this course is for students to gain a basic understanding of and the first-hand experience with the acting and performing process for the theatre.  Students will learn that the theatre is an art form that necessitates collaboration.  Scene work and partnering will be a major component of the semester’s work.  Students will also learn how their creativity can influence their relationship to the world and help them live a more expressive life.

Black Theatre
This course explores the plays and playwrights of the Black Diaspora.  It looks at how they are informed by conditions, and the comments they have on the culture and society on a whole.

Political Theatre
In this course, students read and discuss selected political theatre pieces.  This course examines theatre that deliberately attempted and attempts to have an effect on the political landscape of its time.

Beginning Directing
This course provides the groundwork for the director’s role in the production of theatre.  It is designed to help the student interpret the play, and to unify all the elements of the production.  The student learns to determine the spine/super-objective of the text and provides the student with practical advice for the rehearsal/production process.

Advanced Directing
This course looks more closely at the director’s tools:  composition, blocking, stage picture, rhythm, and creating the world of the play while utilizing design elements to strengthen and clarify the production. The course also offers efficient and effective strategies for coaching actors.

Script Analysis
A thorough examination of every element in the primary and secondary text:  title, setting, plot, language, characters, and theme.  The current college/university season will be included as plays to study.

Introduction to Theatre
The objectives of this course are: (1) To convey an appreciation and understanding of the experience of Theatre showing how this unique form of artistic expression serves as a mirror to human experience; (2) To provide a stimulating context through which the student can become critically engaged with the ideas and values which have influenced human experiences and world cultures; (3) To develop an historical and cultural perspective of Theatre which is illustrated by the component elements, dramatic principles, and major forms of Theatre; (4) To establish a foundation and criteria in order to effectively evaluate and articulate reactions to theatrical experiences; and (5) To develop an appreciation and respect in the artistic choices, points of view, and elements of style found in the theatre experience.

ACTING EXPERIENCE:                       
PERFECT MENDACITY                                             D'Avore Peoples                                     Street Corner Arts Theatre Company

MACBETH                                                                     Banquo                                                                                   Austin Shakespeare

WATER BY THE SPOONFUL                                   Chutes and Ladders                                                 Austin Community College

MEDEA                                                                           Aegeus                                                                                     Austin Shakespeare

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW                               Hortensio                                                                               Austin Shakespeare
THE INVENTION OF LOVE                                      Pattison                                                                                   Austin Shakespeare
AS YOU LIKE IT                                                           Duke Frederick/Duke Senior                                              Austin Shakespeare
THE AFRICAN COMPANY                                        Papa Shakespeare                                                             University of Memphis
PERFORMING RICHARD                                         Richard Wright                                          American University of Paris, France
ANIMAL FARM                                                            Major/Napoleon                                                                 University of Memphis
MEASURE FOR MEASURE                                      Duke                                                                                                Theatre Memphis
GOLDEN NIGHT OF THE                                         Shaw                                                               Virginia Commonwealth University
THE SEASON (Premiere)                                          Father Jennings                                            Virginia Commonwealth University
PICASSO AT THE LAPIN                                          Gaston                                                             Virginia Commonwealth University
OUR TOWN                                                                  Stage Manager                                               Virginia Commonwealth University
   (Irene Ryan Nominee)
ROUNDS                                                                       Winston                                                                                                 12 Miles West
ROADS OF THE                                                          Aaron                                                                            Ensemble Theatre Company
PLAYBOY OF THE                                                      Phil                                                                             Crossroads Theatre Company
MACBETH                                                                    Macbeth                                                         ETC / Crossroads Theatre Company
THE ERMINE                                                              Urbain                                                            ETC / Crossroads Theatre Company
THE MEETING                                                           Malcolm X                                                              ETC / George Street Playhouse
                                                                                                                                                                                Delaware Theatre Company
RICHARD III                                                               Richard                                                                    ETC / George Street Playhouse
EURYDICE                                                                   Vincent                                                                    ETC / George Street Playhouse
OEDIPUS                                                                      Creon                                                                            Ensemble Theatre Company
ANTIGONE                                                                  Creon                                                                            Ensemble Theatre Company
THE RIVER NIGER                                                   Big Moe                                                                                  The Cabaret Playhouse
THE MIGHTY GENTS                                              Frankie                                                                         Ensemble Theatre Company
SIZWE BANSI IS DEAD                                           Sizwe                                                                             Ensemble Theatre Company
THE ISLAND                                                              Winston                                                                        Ensemble Theatre Company
KABNIS                                                                        Ralph Kabnis                                                               Ensemble Theatre Company
THE LONG DREAM                                                  Zeke                                                                                  NTU Repertory Company
THE SECRET PLACE                                                Kwami                                                                              NTU Repertory Company
STRIKE HEAVEN ON                                               Hollis                                                                           Ensemble Theatre Company
SPELL #7                                                                      Lou                                                                   Paul Robeson Black Arts Ensemble
THE CONNECTION                                                   Sam                                                                                 Livingston College Theatre
EULOGY FOR A SMALL                                           Carlos                                                                              Livingston College Theatre
WHAT THE WINE                                                      Jim                                                                    Paul Robeson Black Arts Ensemble
PURLIE                                                                         Purlie Victorious                                                                     Seton Hall University
HAIR                                                                             Hud                                                                                          The Cabaret Playhouse
A FUNNY THING HAPPENED                               Miles Gloriosus                                                                     The Cabaret Playhouse
TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA                          Valentine                                                           Antoinette Baskerville Theatre Co.


                                                                       FILM AND TELEVISION
HANNIBAL                                                                  Fish Vendor                                                                        MGM/Universal Studios
COMEBACK                                                                 Bunnyman                                                                                     D & C Productions
LINES OF DUTY                                                         Mobster                                                                Dreamworks TV/ Touchstone TV
(Pilot / ABC)
CAPITAL CITY                                                             Congressman                                                     Dreamworks TV /Touchstone TV
(Pilot / ABC)
SOUTHERN COMFORT                                             Inmate                                                                                                               Fox TV
(Pilot / Fox)
100 LIVES                                                                      The Mayor                                                                                        Circle 7 Pictures
FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS                                   Russell                                                                                   Enlightened 1ne Films
               COMMERCIAL (Local)
Memphis City Zoo                                                         Patron                                                                           Running Pony Productions
Mathis Tire                                                                     Husband                                                                       Running Pony Productions

DIRECTING EXPERIENCE:                      

A RAISIN IN THE SUN                                              Lorraine Hansberry                                        Germantown Community Theatre
DRACULA                                                                      Steven Dietz                                                                  Hattiloo Theatre Company
THE LARAMIE PROJECT                                         Moises Kaufman /  Tectonic Theater Project                University of Memphis
THE STORY                                                                   Tracey Scott Wilson                                                        Playhouse on the Square
FIRE AND CLOUD                                                      Richard Wright                                                      Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
SNOWANGEL                                                              Lewis John Carlino                                                Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
JOHN REDDING GOES TO SEA                             Zora Neale Hurston                                               Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
EVERYNIGHT WHEN                                               Philip Hayes Dean                                                     Ensemble Theatre Company
FREEMAN                                                                     Philip Hayes Dean                                                    Ensemble Theatre Company
ZOOMAN AND THE SIGN                                         Charles Fuller                                                           Ensemble Theatre Company
THE MEETING                                                             Jeff Stetson                                                                Delaware Theatre Company
THE ERMINE                                                                Jean Anouilh                                              ETC / Crossroads Theatre Company
EURYDICE                                                                     Jean Anouilh                                                        ETC / George Street Playhouse
HAMLET                                                                        William Shakespeare                                               Ensemble Theatre Company
OEDIPUS                                                                         Sophocles                                                                Ensemble Theatre Company
HOWARD STREET                                                       Nathan Heard                                                         Ensemble Theatre Company
WHAT THE WINE                                                        Ron Milner                                                  Paul Robeson Black Arts Ensemble
DUTCHMAN                                                                  Leroi Jones (Amiri Baraka)                                         Rutgers State University
THE CORNER                                                               Ed Bullins                                                                        Rutgers State University