Austin Community College
Water by the Spoonful

Role:  Chutes and Ladders

I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


This is my official website, created to communicate who I am as an artist and an educator, and to chronicle the work that I've done, and continue to do.  Peruse my pages for audio and video clips, reviews, and information related to my teaching.  Enjoy!   

Photo:  Donny Tidmore

​​Reginald c. Brown

Actor - Director - Educator

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Welcome to My Website!

to share one’s gifts with society at-large in an effort to make a positive contribution to the development of humankind.  The role of the actor is akin to that of the griot, sometimes referred to as the cultural guardian.  Theatre provides a communal space where our minds and spirits are lifted, and where our shared experiences are examined and celebrated in an effort to bring us closer to one another, thereby becoming more attuned to the spirit of life.

Austin Shakespeare

Role:  Banquo

The greatest contribution one can give is to give us one's self,

Street Corner Arts Theatre Company

Perfect Mendacity

Role:  D'Avore Peoples